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Adobe Breach: 38 Million Users, Photoshop Code Share This on LinkedIn   Share This on Google   Tweet This   Forward This

29 October 2013

KrebsonSecurity said today that Adobe has reported the data breach earlier this month involved 38 million active users and included at least some Photoshop code in addition to the Acrobat, Reader and ColdFusion code previously acknowledged.

Krebs notes that Adobe also said it had completed email notification to those users affected and reset the passwords for all Adobe IDs involved, whether active or inactive.

In addition, Krebs quoted Adobe spokesperson Heather Edell that "Adobe has no indication that there has been any unauthorized activity on any Adobe ID involved in the incident."

For the full report, including advice on credit monitoring, see the Adobe Breach Impacted At Least 38 Million Users at KrebsonSecurity.

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