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30 October 2013

DxO Labs has released DxO Perspective for Mac OS X on the Mac App Store. And it's free until Nov. 3. DxO Perspective corrects perspective and horizon problems, much like its $79 ViewPoint 2, which we recently reviewed.

It does lack the more sophisticated distortion correction tools of ViewPoint 2, offering just Perspective and Horizon options and skipping the Distortion and Volume Deformation tools. But the interface is very similar.

DxO posted a demo video on Vimeo showing DxO Perspective in action:

DxO Perspective. From DxO Labs on Vimeo.

The company said DxO Perspective for Mac OS X is available immediately and exclusively from the Mac App Store. The software is free through Nov. 3, after which it will be priced at $19.99/£13.99/€17.99.

With DxO Perspective for Mac OS X, DxO Labs puts the power of its geometrical corrections into the hands of all photographers

Free download through Nov. 3, exclusively in the Mac App Store

PARIS, France -- DxO Labs announces the immediate availability of DxO Perspective for Mac OS X, its exclusive application designed to correct perspective and horizon problems. Thanks to its system of applying anchor points directly on images, DxO Perspective offers a simple and innovative solution that puts its powerful geometric corrections into the hands of all photographers, even beginners. Indispensable for architectural and landscape photography!

DxO Perspective is available exclusively in the Mac App Store as a free download through Nov. 3.

To watch an introductory video about DxO Perspective, click here:

Easy yet powerful perspective corrections

In architectural or urban photography, depending on the position of the photographer with respect to the scene, buildings vertical and horizontal lines can lose their parallelism. With DxO Perspective, making buildings plumb again has never been easier: users simply place the anchor points directly on the image along the lines they want to correct and unnatural fa ades instantly return to their original appearance.

DxO Perspective corrects all kinds of perspective problems, even the most complex. Using its Rectangle tool, when a photo contains two perspective flaws, DxO Perspective's Rectangle tool immediately reestablishes a full-frontal view of the object -- essential when shooting a photo of a poster or painting! In 8-point correction mode, DxO Perspective handles even more complex perspectives: the independent placing of horizontal and vertical guidelines provides highly precise corrections on multiple planes.

With just one line, DxO Perspective also restores balance and authenticity to landscape photos by perfectly straightening a slanted horizon.

Full-frame photos

Regardless of the corrections applied, DxO Perspective keeps photos full-frame, thanks to its automatic cropping feature that optimizes the visible field. Users can also customize the framing to highlight a particular element. A composition grid facilitates precise adjustments.

Advanced settings

Serious photographers can also adjust the intensity of the correction and the horizontal/vertical ratio according to their own tastes.

Availability and special introductory offer

DxO Perspective for Mac OS X is immediately and exclusively available in the Mac App Store. The software is free through Nov. 3, instead of priced at $19.99/£13.99/€17.99.

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