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5 November 2013

Affiliate BorrowLenses is making a Thanksgiving offer you'll be grateful for when you rent "cameras, lenses, strobes and more and get an extra day free when your rental period ends on Thanksgiving."

The free day is Thanksgiving Day. To save 10 percent on your rental and get that day free, you have to end your rental period on Thanksgiving Day. That's Nov. 14 for a two-week rental, Nov. 21 for a one-week rental, Nov. 18 for a 10-day rental and Nov. 26 for a three-day rental.

Here's the details from the email we received, with our affiliate link embedded:

How It Works:

  • Go to, choose your items and select 2-Day shipping at checkout.
  • Use coupon code TURKEYGEAR13 to save 10 percent on your entire order through the end of the month
  • End your rental on Thanksgiving Day to receive that day free. For a Two-Week Rental, select Nov. 14; 10-Day is Nov. 18; One-Week is Nov. 21; and 3-Day is Nov. 26.

Recently, BorrowLenses was acquired by Shutterfly.

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