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5 November 2013

In a blog post titled We Gave It Our All..., Everpix announced it "will be shutting down in the coming weeks." The service has gone into read-only mode and will continue to operate until Dec. 15.

Subscribers will be emailed instructions for downloading their photos and Everpix has promised refunds to every subcriber as well. A Shutdown FAQ has more details.

The company once explained its mission in About Everpix:

Photos must get smarter.

Everpix is building the future of photo platforms. We understand how people interact with their photos, and we know how to make those experiences magical.

Our image analysis technology understands photos on a content level. It takes the chore out of photo management and goes far beyond it, making connections between memories and creating new, engaging ways to explore them.

The Verge has an analysis of the company's situation, citing an Amazon Web Services bill as the company's immediate concern.

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