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14 November 2013

Camera straps are getting to be like camera bags. There's one for every mood. Or move. Custom SLR thinks most of them, though, are thin, uncomfortable and hard to adjust. So they've launched a Kickstarter campaign for a new design they call the Air Strap.

Custom SLR detailed the Air Strap features for us:

  • Breathable vents and moisture wicking fabric channel heat and sweat away from your shoulder to keep you cool.
  • Cushy neoprene padding absorbs shock for maximum comfort.
  • Quick-adjust slider lets you shorten the strap to keep your camera secure at your side. When you need to take a photo, just pull and slide the strap to a longer length.
  • Rotating buckle swivels, so the strap moves with you for better flexibility.
  • Versatility. The Air Strap is compatible with most cameras. With an optional attachment, it can easily attach to any bag, such as a laptop bag or duffel bag.

Note that it does not need the tripod socket to attach, like many sliding camera straps, although it does appear to attach to a Custom SLR M-Plate. But unlike the strap that came with your camera and uses the camera eyelets, it does slide.

Here's a video of the strap in action:

The Kickstarter project gets you one for a donation of $25, which is less expensive than most straps. About half as expensive, actually. And Custom SLR will toss in a laptop strap attachment, too. Higher contributions include more Custom SLR products.

We reviewed six sliding straps last year. Since then what we actually use are two of the models we reviewed. We still like the Cotton Carrier for biking around with a camera stuck on our chest. And when we're on foot, we use the BosStrap because it doesn't bother with the tripod socket. But if we have to travel anywhere (like take the bus), we resort to a holster.

The Air Strap may just be the hybrid we've been looking for between the holster and BosStrap. Light enough to pack while we travel but ready to wear.

More information is in the news release below.

Custom SLR Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Fund the Air Strap: a Camera Strap That Does More With Less

This lightweight and breathable camera strap provides more comfort and versatility for photographers of every kind, all at an affordable price.

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. -- With four successfully funded Kickstarter campaigns under its belt, Custom SLR, a photography accessories company in Silicon Valley, today launched its fifth project: the Air Strap, a camera strap that does more with less. Featuring breathable vents, moisture wicking fabric and a quick adjust slider, the Air Strap provides more comfort and versatility for any photographer looking to replace the uncomfortable, hard to adjust strap that comes with his or her camera.

"Every photographer deserves a comfortable shooting experience," said Ivan Wong, chief operating officer at Custom SLR. "With the Air Strap, we wanted to create a professional quality strap that was affordable enough for anyone who uses a camera. We're excited to deliver a feature rich strap at a great price point."

Following the overwhelming success of its patent pending Split Strap, Custom SLR now has a second camera strap to add to its line of innovative photography solutions. The Air Strap features a convenient quick adjust slider that allows photographers to shorten the strap to keep the camera secure at their side when maneuvering through crowds and tight spaces; when they need to take a photo, they can easily pull the slider to extend the strap. For maximum comfort and flexibility, the Air Strap has cushy neoprene padding with wicking fabric on the top and bottom and buckles that swivel with each movement. The Air Strap is compatible with most cameras and with an optional attachment, it can be used with most bags, such as laptop and gym bags.

Starting today, the Air Strap will be made available first to backers who fund the project during its 44 day campaign, which ends Dec. 27. For more details, visit the Custom SLR Air Strap Kickstarter page:

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