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18 November 2013

Phase One and Tether Tools have teamed up to co-host a free webinar on using Capture One Pro and Tether Tools for tethered shooting. The Nov. 20 demo will also feature a question and answer session with co-hosts David Grover and Lauren Kapinos.

Tethered. The orange cable is a Tether Tools feature.

With the goal of making tethered shooting safer and more secure, the two companies have put together a Pro Kit to connect your camera to your laptop. The kit, available through Nov. 24 at a $100 discount for $586.55, includes:

  • Capture One Pro 7 Software Key
  • Tether Table Aero Traveler, Black
  • Aero ProPad for Traveler
  • SecureStrap
  • Aero XDC Solo, Black
  • Cable Organization Case Standard
  • JerkStopper USB Computer Support
  • JerkStopper Camera Support – Aero Clip-On
  • StrapMoore
  • Photographer's choice of TetherPro USB 2.0, USB 3.0 or FireWire Cable

Registration is required to attend the webinar.

More information is in the news release below.

Tethered Shooting is Now Slick and Secure with All-In-One Pro Solution from Tether Tools & Phase One

Free Webinar Nov. 20 and Special Sales Nov. 17-24

COPENHAGEN, Denmark and PHOENIX, Ariz. -- Phase One, creator of Capture One Pro, the professional choice in imaging software and Tether Tools, ensuring the world's most secure tethered connection, has announced new education and sales incentives. They will co-host a Webinar on Nov. 20 and will offer a one-week reduced price on their popular Pro Tether Tools Kit with Capture One Pro 7. These initiatives are designed to highlight how this premium bundle supports working photographers in critical ways.

Why Tether Tools?

Many pros have experienced unstable USB and FireWire connections due to wobbly fit and/or cables dislodging from cameras and computers due to normal activity on the set. Tether Tools' sole focus is to improve the tethered experience with their secure portable workstation, high speed image transfer and secure and convenient mounting of any tech device to view images (computer, laptop, tablet, phone) They even make their cables in High Vis Orange so that they can be seen on the studio floor. Such attention to detail is one reason that the tools have such universal appeal.

For mobile photographers, the Tether Tools laptop/camera support makes it much easier to quickly pack up and take everything on the road. Tether Tools equipment is crafted out of high-quality materials and is also compatible with an array of tripod/lighting stands so there's no need for various mounting brackets.

Why Capture One Pro 7?

Built on the world's best Raw processing engine, Capture One Pro 7 delivers highly responsive, precision tools for high quality out-of-the-box images from more than 300 leading high-end cameras. Unlike other products, its interface can be customized to suit one's workflow. And Capture One Pro 7 offers the world's most advanced instant tethered capture solution to shoot directly into the application and permit clients to follow the shoot remotely via Capture Pilot on their iOS (or any Web-enabled) devices.


On Nov. 20, Phase One and Tether Tools will co-host a special free Webinar on all the specifics about how Capture One Pro and Tether Tools make tethered shooting easier and more reliable. To answer questions and demonstrate the benefits of the connection, David Grover and Lauren Kapinos will co-host the session. To register, please go to:

Availability, Pricing

The Tether Tools Pro Kit with Phase One Capture Pro 7 is available now and from Nov. 17 to Nov. 24 the price is $586.55, a savings of more than $100. For all the details, including options for Tether Tool package components, please go to:

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