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25 November 2013

LibRaw LLC has released RawDigger 1.0 [MW] as shareware with a 30-day trial period. The Raw data analysis tool is available in three editions, each of which is discounted 33 percent until Jan. 1, 2014.

RawDigger allows you to view, study and analyze Raw data recorded by your digital camera. It provides histograms, statistical analysis of Raw data and a Raw compression tone curve dump if available. Results can be saved as bitmaps and/or CSV and CGATS tables. RawDigger's tools can target the whole Raw data in the file as well as over arbitrary rectangular regions and point samples.

The three editions available are:

  • Exposure Edition, for everyday use, is intended to help extract "the maximum quality from the camera to get precise exposures." It displays Raw data in all modes (RGB, Raw Composite and Raw per channel), indicates over- and underexposed areas, displays a Raw histogram, image statistics, as well as statistics and a histogram for the selected area. Regularly $19.99, discounted to $13.32.
  • Research Edition, for camera/sensor evaluation and statistical analysis of Raw data, is suitable for a wide range of tasks from personal use to programming Raw data processing. It includes TIFF export, multiple selected areas via samples, tables of sampled data, statistics and histograms over multiple samples, exporting sampled data as CSV and CGATS. Regularly $39.99, discounted to $26.65.
  • Profile Edition is for those who need to create sensor calibration data, linearization data or device data for color profiling. It adds selection grids for faster processing of step wedges and color targets, as well as for calculating non-uniformity maps. Profile Edition allows applying white balance, normalization, equalization (Flat Field) and filtering of outlying values before data export. Regularly $89.99, discounted to $59.98.

A list of supported cameras is available on the RawDigger site.

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