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28 November 2013

All happy families, the novelist Tolstoy once observed, resemble each other. He was, we think, disqualifying them from further scrutiny in favor of the unhappy variety, which he found infinitely more interesting.

Onion Family. Always bring tears to our eyes. Nikon 990 at f3.4, 1/9 second and ISO 100.

Photographers do not discriminate between happy and unhappy families. There is beauty in everything. And if there is a day set aside to prove it, it's today. Thanksgiving Day.

We filtered our Lightroom catalog to show us just our Thanksgiving images. The oldest images were captured on slides, a few were from color negatives, the rest in pixels. Scrolling through them, they reminded us how lucky we have been.

Our old Nikon 900 caught Judy's arrangement of the onion family shown here on Thanksgiving 2001 in Glendale. She remembered the centerpiece, she laughs when she tells the story, but forgot the mashed potatoes sitting in a pot of cold water on the stove as we sat down to eat.

We were having almost too good a time with the people who love us, with the people we love.

There is, no doubt, more than enough misery in the world to keep novelists happy. But it doesn't take much imagination to find something to be grateful about. Fortunately, every year, there's a day for that.

Charge your battery, uncap your lens. Nobody has it better than us.

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