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11 December 2013

At the Legion of Honor you can watch the restorers work on various pieces in the collection through a large window. Their work light is quite intense as they take pains to restore the art.

The Restorers. Taken hand-held at f8, 1/50 second with image stabilization and ISO 1600 at 38mm on a 14-42mm zoom. Processed in DxO Optics Pro 9.1 from the Raw.

We processed the Raw file in Optics Pro 9.1, which let us set the atmosphere of this image just right. We didn't bother with PRIME noise reduction because we were going to be reducing the original to just 500 pixels wide. But the normal High Quality noise reduction handled the ISO 1600 noise just fine at full size.

We did run into a little problem, though.

The Raw file doesn't have copyright information and Optics Pro doesn't provide a way to add it. So after we had exported the 500-pixel image as an sRGB JPEG we wanted to use our Copyrighter Pro to add the copyright information. But it complained that the Exifheader had a "Bad MakerNotes offset for ThumbnailImage."

The quick solution was to run the 77K JPEG through Photoshop, saving it for the Web as a 65K file and then use Copyrighter Pro to add the copyright information to the Exif header.

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