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Custom SLR Erects Forty-Tripod Christmas Tree Share This on LinkedIn   Share This on Google   Tweet This   Forward This

17 December 2013

With a table full of its Fotopro tripods, Custom SLR got into the holiday spirit by turning them into a Christmas tree complete with garland, lights and a Santa tree-top.

The company claims it's the world's largest tripod Christmas tree, although it came down as soon as it went up so there's no forensic evidence to gather. There is the video, though:

The decorations are going to the Salvation Army while the tripods are destined for "after-school and nonprofit photography programs," the company said.

The Guinness Book of World Tripod Tree Records will record the following stats for the Custom SLR Tripod Tree:

  • 300 ornaments
  • 486 feet of garland lights
  • 40 Fotopro camera tripods
  • 1 Santa
  • 14 hours of work
  • Height: 17.4 feet
  • Total value of donations: $10,000

Despite those awe-inspiring stats, we aren't sure this is the end of it. We can just hear it now:

On Manfrotto on Gitzo on Slik and Berlebach! On Joby! On Benro and Hakuba! On Velbon and Vivitar!

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