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18 December 2013

A month after complaining that White House press photographers were "routinely being denied the right to photograph or videotape the President while he is performing his official duties," news media representatives sat down with the White House to resolve the dispute.

The White House Correspondents' Association, the Associated Press Media Editors, the American Society of News Editors, television networks and the White House News Photographers Association said they "were encouraged" after their discussion with White House press secretary Jay Carney yesterday.

Carney called it a "constructive meeting" and promised another meeting next month with a smaller group to consider ways to address the press photographers' concerns.

The press photographers have argued that events closed to them as "private" were in fact of public interest, as evidenced by the White House's public release on Facebook, Flickr and Instagram of stills and video taken by its own staffers.

The meeting, however, focused on expanding the press photographers' access rather than competition with the White House staffers. With the President and his family en route to Hawaii this Friday, there should be plenty of opportunities to work on the problem.

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