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20 December 2013

There may be no guarantees in life but there are nevertheless sure bets. And one of those familiar to anyone who has ever used a camera is that as soon as you cap the lens and tuck the camera away, a wonderful image will walk right up to you, pose and smile just long enough for you to kick yourself.

Getting a Tree. With a little help from Exposure 5.

The job is never really done.

We were indulging in a little Christmas street photography today with a polarizer on the end of a 35mm prime. Hoping to come up with an image or four we could use as Christmas cards, we'd bagged 85 shots. By then our transfer was expiring, so it was time to get back on the streetcar and head for home.

But we remembered -- for no particular reason -- the advice to look behind yourself every once in a while. And when we did, we saw this couple entering the Delancey Street tree lot at Pier 30.

There it was. A young couple bundled up against the cold. The candy-cane pillars. The chubby little trees. The majestic towers of the Bay Bridge gleaming in the sun.

We pulled the camera out of the Domke and got the shot.

Later, looking it over, we decided we weren't too thrilled with the natural rendering. The big problem was the sky. It wasn't very blue. We've had a fire at Big Sur to top off a couple of weeks of stagnant air.

So we thought we'd see what Exposure 5 could do. We tried the Autochrome filter, seen here. Like it? The sky has a greenish tint that goes with the season and picks up the red on the poles, not the mention the red jacket.

It was shot today but it took us back 38 years when we walked arm-in-arm with someone we loved to get our first tree.

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