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23 December 2013

It's entirely possible that tonight's 49er-Falcon game will be the last 49er game at Candlestick Park. It isn't certain, so we'll serenade the old reinforced-concrete lady with Harry Kennedy's 1893 performance of Say Au Revoir But Not Goodbye.

Trivia fans may find it ominous that when the 49ers left Kezar in Golden Gate Park, the Falcons were on the field.

Among the tributes we've run across, NPR has one of the nicest send-offs this morning.

Croix De Candlestick. A badge of honor and a terrific PR campaign, too.

We've been to the place a few times, even earning ourselves a Croix De Candlestick for sticking around for the end of an extra innings game. As the citation notes:

Loyalty and devotion above and beyond the call of fandom have earned you this badge wear it with pride. Thanks for hanging in there.

The Giants left the place a while ago. This will be the last year the 49ers play there. Our small tribute of old game tickets doesn't distinguish between the two.

We loved Seals Stadium, where Joe DiMaggio played in the Pacific Coast League and the first home park for the Giants when they moved here. But we can't say the same for Candlestick. We happened to vacation with the family of a KGO engineer who had to work there and he had nothing nice to say about the place.

In this era, though, we take our stadiums a little more seriously. They're theme parks with gourmet delicacies.

Still, the game's the thing. And there have been some great ones at the Stick. So we'll be saying au revior tonight. But not goodbye.

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