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30 December 2013

Speaking about good teachers, Adobe's Bryan O'Neil Hughes covers the new and improved version of the Crop tool in Photoshop CC. It's one of our favorite tools, particularly since our images here are pretty small.

The three-minute tour shows you where the presets are (you can add your own, too), how to straighten a horizon (why doesn't everybody do that?), how to ensure you can edit your crop (undo a crop and start over) and even how to add content to a cropped image (like fill out the sky).

Our tree trunk image and the home page image are both very small crops of larger images. And yes, we did try several different crops until we found one we liked. But we also had a lot of fun trying out different ways to crop the image.

We used Photoshop's Crop tool but Lightroom's is very similar. For that matter, most of these options are available in all the best editing software.

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