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30 December 2013

Rachel Pikus, manager of online engagement at George Eastman House, has posted an interview with Lisa Hostetler, the new curator-in-charge of the Dept. of Photography on the Eastman House blog.

The two-part interview covers a lot of ground. And it doesn't waste much time, asking the new curator right away why she took the job.

In answering that question, she said she wanted to "focus on building a dynamic program that activates the collection, brings it up-to-date and presents it in compelling ways. At the same time, I plan to support the development of new ideas and new voices in the field through temporary exhibitions and publications."

Pikus asks about the role of museums, what gets collected and exhibited, which photographers and eras influenced her (street photography of the 1940s and 1950s), what's surprised her (young photographers attracted to traditional photographic processes), how cinema and photography relate and what parts of the Eastman House collection she looks forward to exhibiting.

That last question took her back to her answer to the first question. "I will be working with museum staff to make our entire photography collection searchable online," she said, "so that people can make their own discoveries as well."

Eastman House is a national treasure, never failing to inspire us when we visit Rochester, N.Y. Making its 400,000 objects accessible to everyone no matter where they are is something for anyone who loves photography to get excited about.

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