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11 February 2014

We're working on a few reviews, nose-to-the-trackpad style. You'd think it would be routine for us to try something out and report on it promptly. But it seems like nothing is quite routine these days.

After the Rain. Nearly fell down bending over to take this shot at f2.8, 1/1250 second and ISO 400 with a Nikon D200 and 35mm prime and polarizer. Processed in Adobe Camera Raw 8.3 with Smart Sharpening in Photoshop CC. All before lunch.

It isn't so much that the experiences with these products are not smooth and rewarding. It's that they open doors. When we peek outside, we see what we've been missing.

That leads to a lot of revision. But in the end you profit from the clarity those revisions bring to our reviews. Theoretically.

As Michel Legrand once put it, "You must believe in Spring." And trust it's on its way.

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