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6 March 2014

Adorama has released its Flashpoint StreakLight, a lightweight lithium-powered strobe with on-camera and light stand mounts in two versions: the $549 360W model and the $405.95 180W model. Designed for location and wedding photographers, both versions are available bundled with a battery pack for about $200 more.

Flashpoint StreakLight. Hot shoe or light stand, a versatile lithium-powered strobe.

Key features include:

  • Powerful 360ws Guide Number 262 (ft ISO 100) with standard reflector
  • Super Soft and Even Light from Replaceable Bare Bulb
  • Stable Color Temperature
  • Fast Recycle Times from with Flashpoint Blast Power Pack or Quantum Turbo
  • Precise output from 1/128 to Full in 1/3 stop increments
  • Four Modes : Pure Manual, Slave Normal, Slave Filtered, - Multi/Stroboscopic with calculator
  • High Speed Sync
  • Auto Focus Assist Beam
  • Switchable Audio Recycle
  • Built in Optical Slave
  • Wireless Remote Control USB Port
  • Two Sync Jacks
  • Overheat Protection Circuitry
  • Vertical and Horizontal Head Adjustments
  • Umbrella Mount Adapter
  • Tough Secured Hot shoe Mount
  • Full Line of Optional Light Modifiers from Snoots to Beauty Dishes

More details in the news release below.

New Flashpoint StreakLight Makes Portable Strobe Lighting Accessible for All Photographers, Available Now at Adorama

Dependable new flash is a super-lightweight unit with excellent features including stable color temperature, precise output control, a full line of accessories and modifiers and more

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- Adorama has released the Flashpoint StreakLight, a brand new portable strobe light for on- or off-camera use. Compact and extremely lightweight, Flashpoint StreakLight provides powerful, even lighting from any angle thanks to its articulated head and options for on-camera hot shoe or light stand mounts. Perfect for location and wedding photographers, StreakLight is available now, in 180 or 360 watt second versions, in Adorama's New York City store or online.

Leading the way with precise manual exposure on demand and advanced engineering in a solid, dependable package, the Flashpoint StreakLight features high-speed sync, built-in optical slave, four shooting modes and auto-focus assist. Photographers get control from the large LED panel with adjustable output from 1/128 to full, in 1/3 stop increments and soft, even light from using the included standard, parabolic reflector and diffusion panels.

The StreakLight flash has two sync jacks and overheating protection circuitry and also features a wireless remote control USB port. The Flashpoint Wireless Remote & Receiver is just one of many optional accessories that make this light even more versatile while shooting on location. A full line of compatible Flashpoint light modifiers, from snoots to beauty dishes, is also available through Adorama. Photographers can choose a bundled package such as the Flashpoint StreakLight Creative Collection, which includes a dome diffuser, four color filters and grid, a flash grip and cables among many other useful accessories or purchase Flashpoint StreakLight accessories la carte. Flashpoint StreakLight is compatible with accessories from other well-known brands including Quantum and Lumedyne.

Powering the StreakLight

Flashpoint StreakLight is perfect with its companion portable battery pack, the Flashpoint Blast Pack. Blast Pack is extremely lightweight and features replaceable, rechargeable batteries for continuous shooting with just one pack. Watch a product overview video here. StreakLight is also compatible with other leading manufacturers' portable power packs, but Flashpoint is available at far more affordable prices than other brands.

Pricing and Availability

The Flashpoint StreakLight 360Ws is available now for $549 or bundled with the Blast Pack battery for $749.95. The Flashpoint StreakLight 180Ws is available now for $405.95 or bundled with the Blast Pack battery for $599.95. Both lights are available online or at the Adorama store located at 42 West 18th Street in Manhattan and come with a one-year warranty.

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