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16 April 2014

Fujifilm has announced a set of accessories for its X-T1 mirrorless camera that includes two handgrips, a hand strap, an extended eyecup and a set of replacement covers.

Michael Johnston at The Online Photographer is reporting on his X-T1 experience at the moment, incidentally.

Fujifilm launches new accessories for the Fujifilm X-T1: handgrips, a grip strap, an extended eyecup and cover kit.

Fujifilm has launched a series of new accessories for its premium mirrorless X-T1 camera; two handgrips, a grip strap, an extended eyecup and a coverkit for its sync terminal, hot shoe and vertical battery grip terminal.

X-T1 Handgrips

Key product features of the MHG-XT Large and MHG-XT Small:

  • Integral design and reliable components. The handgrip consists of a base-plate milled from aluminum block and a grip which is designed to integrate perfectly with the camera body. Its precision design shows in its stylish silhouette which provides a firm hold and additional robustness. The MHG-XT Large sports a larger grip than the existing MHG-XT, while the MHG-XT Small is a base-only model, to be coupled with one of four grips available, including the vertical battery grip VG-XT1, according to usage and preference.
  • Optimum balance with sufficient clearance from the base of the camera body when using a large-diameter lens. The handgrip offers an additional 8mm clearance from the base of the camera body so as to prevent large-diameter lenses such as XF23mm or XF55-200mm from interfering with a tripod head.
  • Access to the battery/memory card slot when the handgrip is attatched. There is no need to remove the MHG-XT Large or MHG-XT Small handgrip to open the camera's battery cover, providing speedy access to the battery or memory card even while the handgrip is mounted on a tripod.
  • Enhanced operability while using a tripod. The handgrip has a tripod socket, carefully positioned so that the rotation axis of the tripod is aligned with the optical axis of the lens to ensure panning and framing free of rotation displacement. The base also features a 38mm-wide protrusion that acts as a quick-release dovetail plate for use with a dovetail tripod mount.

X Series Grip Strap

The GB-001 grip strap enhances the camera's hold, allowing users to carry the camera firmly with just one hand. The camera can be also fitted with a shoulder strap at the same time.

Compatible products: X-T1, X-T1 (with MHG-XT/MHG-XT Large/MHG-XT Small/VG-XT1), X-E2, X-E2 (with MHG-XE/HG-XE1), X-Pro1, X-Pro1 (with HG-XPro1/MHG-XPro1), X-E1, X-E1 (with MHG-XE/HG-XE1), X-M1, X-M1 (with HG-XM1), X-A1, X-A1 (with HG-XM1), X-S1, HS50, X100, X100S.

X-T1 Extended Eyecup

The dome-shaped EC-XT L eyecup effectively shields light, making it easier to see the viewfinder.

The soft material also improves the fit for users shooting with the naked eye or with glasses.

X-T1 Cover Kit

The replacement CVR-XT cover kit contains three covers: one for the sync terminal, another for the hot shoe and another for the vertical battery grip terminal ensuring users can easily replace any of these covers if lost.

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