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18 April 2014

One of our favorite walks in San Francisco is along the Bay Trail. Because it's flat. And the view of the bay often laps at your feet.

Bay Trail View. Pilings point to downtown Oakland.

We usually walk north with the sun behind us. But we shoot both right and left. The bay of course is on our right. And to the left there's usually new construction.

On this particular walk, we were amused by some shrouded buildings across the street from some industrial ruins. Not everything old is a ruin, though, as that vintage Chevy Bel Air proves.

The area to the left is sprouting stylish new buildings to house the crowd populating the Dogpatch section of the city. This new constructions stands in stark contrast to the pilings that remain of the old piers that once reached into the bay on the other side of the street.

The new growth isn't limited to apartments and condos, though. A new campus for the University of California at San Francisco Medical Center is being built as well. And it is itself surrounded by both business and residential developments.

The Bay Trail provides a study in contrasts, certainly, but the contrast is not as quite abstract as one might wish. The spanking brand new on one side of the street faces rotting, rusting ruins on the other, reminding us that nothing lasts forever.

But just as the Bel Air defies the elements, the spanking brand new gets demolished now and then. The big jaws we saw were cleaning up debris from an impressive fire that destroyed a building that had only begun to rise.

Perhaps it's no accident you end up on one or another bridge. We crossed the Lefty O'Doul Bridge on Third. St. and wandered under the Bay Bridge after brunch at Town's End.

Where, what do you know, we ran into even more construction downtown, the huge cranes working on a weekend.

A trail ends but a city is never finished.

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