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2 May 2014

Just across the street there's a lovely neighborhood of tall trees, immaculate gardens and large lots with fabulous homes perched on them. Sometimes we take a walk through there on the way to buy a cheesecake.

St. Francis Wood. No detail is too small.

There's always something that catches our eye. Sometimes it's a detail, like the cracked porcelain house number embedded in a brick wall. But mostly we just breathe in the scent from the eucalyptus trees that line the streets.

There are a surprising number of roundabouts in the streets around here. But in St. Francis Wood they even come with a fountain. And there's water in it.

These images are from January 2010, taken with a Nikon D300 and an 18-200mm Nikkor. The DNGs were processed in Lightroom 5, which is spoiling us. We've tried to edit a few of our JPEG-only images for these slide shows but there's only a little we can do with them in Lightroom. Whereas with a Raw file, it's really fun to play around because you can make some dramatic changes to what you see.

And that just makes you want to charge your battery and get right back out there.

You never know what you'll see but paying close attention to detail is always rewarding. Who knows, you may not be the only one looking around!

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