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6 May 2014

During May, Think Tank Photo will include its Camera Support Straps V2.0 along with its Camera Strap V2.0 when you purchase one its backpacks. It's also a painless way to help support our unique effort here when you use these links (so thanks).

Camera Straps. Take a load off.

Think Tank backpacks are famous for three design principles:

  • Capacity. They are designed with the most efficient shape for carrying the most amount of gear in the smallest package.
  • Portability. All of them are sized for U.S. domestic and international carry-on for the usual commercial airplanes. There are also bags for commuter and regional aircraft.
  • Quality. All the bags use the best YKK zippers and other high quality materials.

The $17.75 Camera Support Straps V2.0 attach one or two cameras to backpack straps or a harness so the weight of a pro dSLR and attached lens are suspended on the front of the backpack, reducing stress on the neck and shoulders.

The $26.75 Camera Strap V2.0 features a non-slip surface on both sides of the strap and attaches to Think Tank backpacks and harnesses with the Camera Support Straps above.

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