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7 May 2014

The sun is shining and the air still, this Wednesday at noon. We suddenly realized we hadn't yet taken a look at the images we shot this weekend. Just copied them to our hard drive, where they waited patiently for review.

The Red Brick Road. .

We liked this one. The brick street caught our attention, one of the few remaining (you may have seen another: Lombard). We once had a carpeted street, too. Gold carpet. But brick will do in a pinch.

We moved to the middle of the crosswalk we were in and hoisted the camera up to frame the shot when we discovered this young pair walking up the hill in the middle of the street.

Were they crazy? In love, maybe.

We thought we might just wait for them to stroll safely to the sidewalk but they stayed in the middle of the street.

We thought we had lost our shot until we realized they were the shot, not the bricks lining Winfield St.

Life has a funny way of art directing.

We cropped this to a 16:9 aspect ratio, losing the sky. But we like the way the buildings hem this couple in. We also ran the image through HDR Expose 3, where you can fool around with it in a 32-bit color space, which always seems to add something to the rendering. It began life as a NEF converted to DNG that Camera Raw 8.4 brought to life.

We have a feeling we'll be coming back to this image. Nothing, after all, is permanent.

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