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9 May 2014

We've made two tiny tweaks to the site this week, neither of which should merit anything like, say, a patent. But we submit them as further evidence that our right hand knows what our left is doing and often advises it with your best interests at heart.

Our right hand knows what our left is doing ...

Since Day One we've liked setting off quoted blocks of text in gray with a dotted teal border (the site's highlight color). And before we launched the site, we did experiment with just which gray to use.

But we've come to think of that original gray as a tad too light.

So we darkened it up just a shade a few days ago. We think that makes it a little easier to read. Which, after all, is the point.

The effect is retroactive so you can more easily enjoy The Calabrian Boy from last month, say.

The other change is on the headline page. We added that left column of recent stories last November to replace a news ticker we found inefficient. But we never quite liked the graduated background, particularly since it overshadowed some of the text.

So we removed it in favor of a slight shadow that falls on nothing at all. We did experiment with no shadow, which looked nice too, but decided in favor of the visual aid.

This may not seem like much in the grand scheme of things but multum in parvem as we used to say in high school Latin class when we were faced with an essay question. Sometimes there's a lot in a little.

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