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20 June 2014

On the weekends the trucks roll in before our coffee is brewed, the tables set up before we get dressed, the produce polished and priced before we grab the keys and get in the car. By the time we arrive, the Farmers' Market is waiting for us.

Farmers' Market. On an overcast day.

These shots were taken with a Nikon D200 and a 35mm f2.8 Nikkor. Nothing fancy. Mostly f8.0 (the peaches were f16 for some reason). All at ISO 400. Various shutter speeds because we were shooting Aperture Priority. Raw files converted to DNG.

We processed them in Lightroom 5.5. It's the new version but there really isn't much new about it except support for the new features in Lightroom mobile.

Which suits us fine. Wednesday's Creative Cloud 2014 release was disruptive enough, downloading most of the afternoon and backing up all night. Nice to be back in the saddle rounding up the strays.

It was an overcast day, which would be perfect lighting except most of the produce was under one tent or another, so the shots might have been a little gloomy. But we actually had to dampen the saturation on a couple (the tomatoes and the green peppers).

The flowers, by the way, are not edible.

The D200 with a 35mm on it are not a bad combination for wandering around. That represents a pretty normal field of view on that camera so there are no surprises when you look through the viewfinder. It looks like what you saw. Maybe a step back or forward is all you have to do.

Oh, and get the names of everything. They may be the most patient models in the world but you still have to spell their names correctly. Fortunately, we know the names of our vegetables.

We worked on these after dinner last night so we weren't in danger of salivating. But we do hope they whet your appetite.

To save you from dashing out the door, we should probably tell you these were shot in 2009. They're long gone. Beyond compost even.

But the magic of photography can make one's mouth water all the same.

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