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27 June 2014

When you look north from Golden Gate Park, you can see a pointed object looming in the Presidio. It's easy to miss if you don't look carefully but if you spot it, you'll be scratching your head. It looks both natural and man-made at the same time. And it is.

Goldsworthy's Spire. Ninety feet tall.

What you're looking at is British artist Andy Goldsworthy's 90-foot tall Spire, constructed of 38 Monterey cypress tree trunks, just inside the Arguello Gate. Man-made and natural.

The end-of-life trees, originally planted by the U.S. military, were taken down so young plantings could take their place. Goldsworthy bundled them up in 2008. He discussed the sculpture in a 2012 video that also shows its construction:

Because it's made of natural materials, it will decay over time. And if the elements don't get to it first, the grove of evergreens around it will tower above it.

The perfect place, you might think, to take an eleven-year-old nephew. We may tower above him at the moment, but over time, we expect to stand in his shadow.

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