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24 July 2014

Sometimes it's worth sneaking out after dinner to take a little walk with an old friend. Tonight it was the Nikon D200 with an 18-200mm Nikkor. We looked across the way to find Laguna Honda basking in the glow of the lowering sun.

Laguna Honda. Neither here nor there.

We had set the ISO to 400 and, in Aperture Priority mode, we had the aperture set to f5.6. The camera set the shutter to 1/640 second. All we had to do was frame the shot.

We thought we'd crop out the modern houses in the foreground, pretending we were in some Italian hill town.

Back at the bunker, we opened the DNG we converted from the NEF Raw file in Photoshop CC 2014 and tweaked the sliders. Back and forth, back and forth, one after the other, until we had the glow we remembered.

It was still a little too digital for us, though, so we filtered it through Alien Skin's Exposure 6 where we added a simple print border and boosted the vignette a bit.

Happy with that, we're putting the laptop to sleep and thinking about doing the same ourselves. Good night, friend.

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