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1 August 2014

Time waits for no one, we lament. And even worse, it flies. Which we do not, especially when we are subjected to spurious mechanical problems and uncooperative weather.

Ingleside Sundial. Accurately keeping time since 1913.

In San Francisco's Ingleside district, occupying what was once the western curve of a racetrack, sits an enormous sundial. It was dedicated as the largest one in the world on Oct. 10, 1913 when 1,500 people came to its unveiling after the sun had set.

That was a big day. The Panama Canal had opened and San Francisco's downtown had been opened to its western neighborhoods with the completion of the Twin Peaks tunnel.

We didn't get around to photographing it until 2012. And even then we only used a Sony TX200V we were reviewing. It took a little work in Lightroom to make these images presentable but they cleaned up nice.

Just to set the record straight, it isn't the largest sundial in the world. Or even in San Franciso, where a sundial in the Bayview district is three times larger.

But the Ingleside Terraces sundial perched on Entrada Court has the sense to sit in the fog a good deal more than its Bayview competitor, which is often bathed in sun.

Not that time stops. And if you think the shadows softened by the fog obscure the march of the hours, you only have to look up the hill a bit to see, as you might in the second shot of our slide show, a hearse waiting by the curb.

Our slide show today is, therefore, mercifully short. That's all the time either of us have for it.

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