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16 August 2014

As we mentioned in yesterday's Around The Horn, Leica has opened a retail store in downtown San Francisco with a grand opening this weekend. The company has spent the last seven weeks prepping the narrow space next door to Le Central at 463 Bush St., just a few steps away from the Grant Ave. Chinatown gate.

We dropped in to welcome the team to the city and asked if we could take a few photos.

"We encourage it," the charming Leica rep said. "This wouldn't be much of a camera store if we didn't," he smiled.

Leica San Francisco. The elegant retail space features a gallery and lecture room. Mouse over or tap to see the captions.

We shot the space from front to back. The front of the store features a very long gallery with photos hung along the brick wall to the right. Through Oct. 31, the gallery will feature prints by Peter Turnley from this book French Kiss -- A Love Letter to Paris, signed copies of which are available in the store. And Turnley will hold a Leica master class Oct. 24 to 26 at the store.

Across from the gallery wall is a series of red display cases in a black wall holding various current and historical Leica gear. It's a cross between a museum and a retail display.

And on the wooden floor between the two walls are a few stand-alone display cases showing off both digital and film versions of the company's cameras. The whole line is represented including the Leica M, Leica T and S-System, but no Leica seems left out.

Beyond the gallery, the service counter faces a wall of black shelves where stacks of the red Turnley book were the highlight. A small but comfortable screening room takes up the rear of the store.

And the mood? Delightfully low-key, civilized, pleasant. Where you are welcome to enjoy the gallery at leisure or chat with the knowledgeable staff about sensor size or get a replacement shutter release button for your Leica.

The festivities continue through the weekend. Ben Ross, Leica S-System specialist will host an indoor and outdoor fashion shoot with the Leica S-System today between 11:00 a.m. and 2 p.m. And there are photo walks and other events scheduled through Sunday.

Not to mention those Turnley prints, which are worth the trip all by themselves.

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