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19 August 2014

We learned only today that pioneering digital photographer Uwe Steinmueller passed away on Aug. 8 after suffering a heart attack.

The news of his passing came to us via Alan Briot's Remembering Uwe Steinmueller at Luminous Landscape, which includes a brief note by Kevin Raber as well.

Uwe was a native of Germany and a photographer since 1973. He moved to California in 1997 and made the jump into digital photography in 1999. He authored several photography books in the days when they all had to come with glossaries. His titles won prestigious German Fotobuchpreis back-to-back in 2004 and 2005. He collaborated with Peter iNova at HDSLR and on iNova's ebooks. And he published his own, including one on iPhone imaging.

He'd shoot in Manual mode, he said, because that works on any camera.

In addition to a list of his titles on Amazon, there are his photo books at Blurb.

He returned to his native Germany in 2013 where he continued to published Digital Outback Photo until the day of his death.

He shared a copyright with his wife and fellow fine art photographer Bettina. Together they published Fine Photo Show, a portfolio of their photographs released as a free iPad app.

We can't remember when we first met Uwe. It may have been covering the 2006 PMA convention in Orlando, although by then we'd already reviewed at least one of his books. He seemed to have been a friend before we ever shook hands.

We liked Uwe. He made sense. He'd shoot in Manual mode, he said, because that works on any camera. He knew photography before it was digital but he appreciated digital photography while film was still dominant.

Like we said, he made sense.

He was among the first to congratulate us on launching Photo Corners in 2012. It seems like he always had time for us. For which we will always be grateful.

Our condolences to Bettina and his many friends. He will be missed.

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