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21 August 2014

We snapped this hallway the other day and have been trying to wrestle an image out of it all week. It looks like a hospital corridor with the fluorescent lights and the waxed floor. But it's really the Creative Arts building on a nearby college campus. The irony amused us.

We particularly like the doorways at the far end of the hallway. There's always light at the end of the tunnel.

A straight rendering of the image leaves a rather unpleasantly colored, almost monochrome view. Taking it to classic black and white is no solution. The image is flat and the reflections confusing.

A split tone image worked better but we thought it could use a little personality. So we took it to Analog Efex Pro 2 and put a vignette on one of the Classic Camera treatments.

We did all this with virtual copies in Lightroom 5, except for the one we edited in Analog Efex Pro.

Now we just have to sit back and run through them to see where we are. For some reason, we don't think we're done with this image yet.

Lightroom Adjustments. The Basic exposure adjustments (left) made to the color image, the Black and White adjustments (middle) and the Split Toning (right).

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