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3 October 2014

We stopped by the ballpark just as Game One of the National League Division Series between the Giants and the Washington Nationals was getting started. We could hear the cheers from the neighborhood bars as the Giants took an early lead. But we were there for another reason.

Cepeda. The ball, the glove.

What could we hope to see at the ballpark where no game would be played until next week?


Cepeda's glove. The bat slipping from Mays's grip. Marichal's fingers across the seams of the baseball.

Two bricks in the plaza. The field being prepared. The bunting already hung.

And back at the streetcar stop, a few lines of poetry by Robert Hass on how one confronts the "large, terrifying and unpredictable."

The playoffs, that is.

We walked around the mostly quiet stadium, snapping a few shots, trying to see what the sunny stadium waiting for its moment was thinking. We listend through our Nikon D300 with the 18-200mm Nikkor and a polarizer. ISO 400.

We came home on the streetcar to listen to the game on the radio as we worked on the slide show (using a technique we perfected in grammar school). Lightroom 5 made quick work of the collection. Again we found the Upright tool particularly handy.

As we published this story, we didn't know the winner of Game One. But we had the feeling the bronze statues have not forgotten what counts.

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