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10 October 2014

This week's Nobel Prizes made us shudder. Nobel was, after all, the man who gave the world dynamite. And San Francisco has had an explosive relationship with it. Telegraph Hill, for example, was a stone quarry. And so was Knockash Hill. Both got blasted by the stuff.

Our reinforced bunker is just a few steps from Knockash Hill, which is no longer a quarry. In fact, a church sits blithely in the gorge sculpted by the dynamite, and things are just about quiet enough for it now.

The place is also known as Edgehill Mountain, though, which may seem as if it is putting on airs. But there is a lovely if steep public open space overlooking the ocean on the west side of the mountain. And if you pass through it, you find yourself on top of Knockash Hill where the views are both spectacular and unusual.

Just a little over nine years ago to the day, we made the trip with a Konica Minolta Maxxum 5D fitted with a Minolta 18-70mm f3.5-5.6. We shot JPEGs then, making things worse, as it turned out.

The color fell apart very quickly as we worked on the landscapes. The statues and stairways fared better but not enough to render the show in color. So we converted everything to black and white.

If you look closely at the landscapes, you'll find Mount Diablo and the Golden Gate Bridge. The statues are there to ward off evil, we suspect.

Or maybe just the odd dynamite salesman.

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