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17 October 2014

Proving once again that there are no shortcuts, we cut across the park the other day on an errand only to be slowed down by the October sights in the Rhododendron Dell.

Wrong time of year for the floral explosions. Not bad timing for some fall leaves and gnarly tree trunks.

We had brought along our venerable Nikon D200, which we really don't say enough about. It was the last design of the old guard at Nikon before a new team revamped the dSLR lineup. It was also camera of the year, impossible to get your hands on.

Years later, we haven't let it go because we really like some vague quality of its images. A glow that warms us to the bones.

We have cameras that are technically superior and have the specs to prove it. But we're never disappointed taking the D200 on a walk.

We shot in Aperture Priority mode to control depth of field on our still subjects. You just click the subdial one way or the other, press in the Depth of Field button to check the effect and take your shot.

We edited the Raw DNG files in Lightroom 5.6 but this time we found ourselves adjusting the White Balance a bit more than usual. We set it to Daylight or Shade as appropriate but found we had to adjust both the Temperature and Tint a bit (just a bit) on several of them.

We have no captions for them. They left us speechless.

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