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24 October 2014

It's called Orange Friday when the Giants wear their orange jerseys to a home game on Friday. The last one of the 2014 season just happens to be the third game of the World Series. Who'd a thunk it?

As we did in 2012, we took a streetcar down to the ballpark and walked around taking a few shots to give you a sense of the fun and excitement. It's a long show as ours go, but each image tells a story.

It wouldn't be a World Series without, as George Carlin would put it, "stuff." There was a line to get into the Dugout store and the World Series booths were busy when we got there before the gates opened.

But a lot of fans make their own outfits and we saw some fun ones as the fog politely kept its distance. You can count the kayak crowd among them, with one guy lighting his bow for the night with a jack-o'-lantern.

We snuck our 18-200mm lens through the chain link fence to take a few shots of batting practice but we had to use manual focus to avoid focusing on the inside fence.

The lovely lady in the classy shirt is none other than Baseball Mary on her way into the stadium. She's such a charmer she took a moment to smile for the camera.

Those flags are from the two previous World Series and those three Yeses on the free gray T-shirts from a radio station are a way of hoping for one this year, too.

That will be determined on the field, though. And to find out what happens, we're lucky to be able to tune in to Kruk and Kuip, former Giants pitcher Mike Krukow and former Giants infielder Duane Kuiper. We always turn down the sound on the TV and listen to them on the radio, finding out what's going to happen seven seconds before we see it.

The radio is where our affection for baseball began long ago when Dad would open up the back window in the basement, put the brown bakelite radio on the sill and tune in Russ Hodges and Lon Simmons to hear the games as he cut the back lawn in the summer heat.

We remembered that when, walking back along the Embarcadero a bit, we spied what we took for a father and son playing catch with the Bay Bridge as a backstop. And we wiped away a little tear.

It isn't about the stuff. Or the radio. It's about the relationship of one generation passing something on to another that they can cherish long after one of them has can no longer be there to find out what happens.

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