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10 December 2014

Two years ago today, we launched Photo Corners. Thirty-nine years ago today, Joyce and I took each other's hand and started down the yellow brick road together. We have a certain perspective on anniversaries, you might say.

Last year we remembered what it felt like in 2012 the night we launched this publication. And we made a little promise we still keep.

You could do worse than turn your umbrella upside down when a storm approaches.

But there won't be a clear sky tonight with a bright star hanging over the moon and Susie Arioli singing a lullaby. We're expecting one of the worst storms in years.

In the long run, you can't avoid storms.

We hunted around for a Susie Arioli tune anyway. Something to go with storms. We found a YouTube video of her singing Pennies from Heaven with her band (and doing a little snare drumming, too) which brought a smile to our face as the sky darkened.

You could do worse than turn your umbrella upside down when a storm approaches.

If 39 years tells you anything, it's that we'll be around after the storm passes. We always are. We kind of like it around here. Storms notwithstanding.

The trick, you might say, is to feel at 39 as excited as you did at two. And to be as steadfast at two as you would be at 39.

Then you won't even need pennies from heaven to feel rich. Just someone to hold your hand.

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