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11 December 2014

The Tiffen Company has introduced its $850 Pro Power LED compact monolight comparable to a 150 watt tungsten-halgen fixture. With a wide fresnel 8:1 focus range and dimmable hi-CRI tungsten or daylight color, it works with both AC or its battery system.

Specifications for the Pro Power LED follow:

Weight (w/barndoors) 3.3 lbs.
Voltage 24 volts
Wattage 22.4 watts
Amperage 0.7 amps
Beam control Continuously variable
Fits on 5/8 stand studs, also 1/4-20
Pistol Grip
Mount Materials
Primarily aluminum steel and glass-filled nylon
Dimming Control, Switch Built in
Installed LED
2292 lumens (3000K Tungsten Model)
2500 lumens (5000K Daylight Model)
both at 700mA drive current (17.6W)

For more information visit the Pro Power LED page and see the news release below.

The Tiffen Company's Lowel Pro Power LED -- Serious Lights, Serious Kits

A compact LED lighting solution for the run and gun shooter, the Pro Power LED allows photographers and videographers to get the most out of their location

HAUPPAUGE, N.Y. -- The Tiffen Co., a leading manufacturer of award-winning imaging accessories, today announced that the Pro Power LED, Lowel's newest LED lighting solution, is now available for purchase.

The Lowel Pro Power LED is a compact focusing light available in hi-CRI tungsten or daylight color, with impressive output and a wide fresnel 8:1 focus range. It is comparable to a 150w tungsten-halogen fixture with similar optics. Dimmable without color shift, the light works with both AC power and its special DC accessory battery system, which can clamp-mount to the stand or be used with a shoulder strap for handheld lighting. The Lowel Pro light is perfect for on-the-go shooting and small location studio setups.

Lowel has always gone the extra mile in quality of design and product manufacturing with the real world needs of the location shooter in mind. As such, the Pro Power LED has a host of available light control and mounting accessories available, plus a full range of compact and versatile lighting kits.

Pricing and Availability

The Lowel Pro Power LED is now available for $850. For purchasing details, technical specifications and other information, please visit

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