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28 January 2015

We were up before dawn today to get a running start. We walked into the dining room and looked out over the ocean, spying a spreadsheet of lights far off in the distance. Crab boats, we suspected. Except they all moved north at the same time. No, it was a cruise ship.

Sunset. Captured at f8, 1/100 second and ISO 250.

Maybe our ship was coming in at last, we smiled as we went into the kitchen to wake up the coffee machine. But no, it was just another day in the bunker, struggling with three reviews, answering email, taking a break for lunch.

When we looked up the light was fading.

So we went back upstairs to wrangle with dinner. And there where the ship had been was the sunset, dramatically reflected in the calm Pacific, a fog bank sitting well out to sea.

We knew we couldn't have captured our cruise ship and while we know no sunset can faithfully be represented, we had to share the marvel with you.

Sweet dreams.

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