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5 February 2015

Adobe has updated the iOS version of Lightroom mobile "to make it even easier to edit with Lightroom on the go." The update follows last month's initial release of Lightroom mobile for Android.

New features in v1.3 include:

  • Edit images faster by copying image adjustments and pasting them onto another photo
  • Easily find favorite images with the new segmented view in Collections
  • Presentation Mode allows users to share images with family and friends without worrying about flags, ratings and adjustments being accidentally changed

Bug fixes for issues identified in earlier Lightroom mobile releases include:

  • Abnormal exit that occurred when downloading images for offline use and account token expires
  • Issues creating collections after initial login
  • Abnormal exit when editing account settings
  • When opening an image in other applications, Lr mobile incorrectly provided an .ig file instead of a jpeg file. This only occurred with Dropbox and Adobe Reader.
  • Unable to open smart previews from certain Fuji RAF Raw files

Lightroom mobile for iOS is a companion app to Lightroom 5 desktop software and available as part of the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan. For $9.99 per month, photographers have access to Lightroom 5, Photoshop CC as well as Lightroom mobile.

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