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19 March 2015

The Pixelmater Team has released Pixelmater for iPad 1.1. The announcement also promised a Mac OS X version of the iOS image editor.

Highlights of the new iPad release include:

  • Watercolor painting technology: As you paint with the new watercolor brushes, the Pixelmator painting engine simulates applying wet paint onto paper.
  • New Color Picker: In addition to the standard color choosing options, it also features an ability to quickly access your recently used colors and the new Color Grid, which lets you pinch into a color to get a grid of its shades.
  • 2x Faster Painting Performance: Pixelmator for iPad Paint Engine has had the best-in-class performance but with the new watercolor technology and major performance improvements, it's "up to two times faster."
  • Best-in-class Photoshop support: 16-bit, CMYK, Grayscale Photoshop images as well as Photoshop images with masks are now also supported.
  • There's More: You can insert a photo as a new layer from iCloud Drive, lock image transparency with Lock Alpha, open Raw image preview, use a refreshed Eyedropper tool, see a live brush preview, enjoy much better overall stylus support and have full support for Adonit styluses.

For more information, including demo videos, see the Pixelmater announcement.

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