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8 April 2015

Adobe has revealed upcoming updates to its professional video apps in Adobe Creative Cloud which it will be showcasing at NAB 2015 in Las Vegas next week.

Highlights of the updates include:

  • Adobe Character Animator CC (the star of the show, frankly) a companion application to Adobe After Effects CC to bring two-dimensional characters to life by syncing animation to named layers behind the scenes and using your device's built-in camera to apply your movement to the character

Candy. You move, it follows.

  • A new Lumetri Color panel in Adobe Premiere Pro CC, allowing editors to fine-tune color looks throughout the editing process
  • Morph Cut in Premiere Pro CC, which removes unwanted pauses and jump cuts for a more polished edit sequence

3D Histogram. Histogram below applied to image above.

  • Project Candy (probably not its release name), a new iOS mobile app that provides an easy way to extract and apply interesting lighting or color schemes (represented as 3D histograms) by using the camera on a mobile phone
  • Immediate access to creative assets with new Creative Cloud Libraries support in Premiere Pro CC and After Effects CC
  • Face Tracker in After Effects CC that follows facial gestures with greater accuracy, particularly helpful when applying overlays that have to follow a face
  • Time Tuner in both Premiere Pro CC and Adobe Media Encoder CC, making it easy to adjust the duration of content

At a recent briefing on the new technologies, Adobe added that when the new CC applications are released they will include support for quite a few new video formats as well, although H.265 won't make this cycle.

For more information see the news release below.

Adobe Creative Cloud and Primetime Take Center Stage at NAB

Coen Brothers, Major League Baseball and 'Over-The-Top' Content Providers Adopt Adobe Video Platform

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- At the National Association of Broadcasters Show, Adobe is showcasing advances to its complete lineup of video technologies and services that radically improve how broadcasters, filmmakers and video professionals create, collaborate, deliver and monetize content across multiple screens. NAB will mark the first public preview of major updates to Adobe Creative Cloud video tools, including a revolutionary new color panel in Adobe Premiere Pro CC for instant color corrections and Morph Cut, which easily removes unwanted pauses and jump cuts for a more polished edit sequence and new Adobe Character Animator capabilities for Adobe After Effects CC that bring two-dimensional characters to life. In addition, the company is previewing Project "Candy," a mobile CC Capture app, which is the latest addition to the growing set of Create Cloud enabled mobile apps. It is connected to a user's Creative Cloud Profile and therefore lets anyone using their smartphone camera capture amazing production quality lighting schemes and then apply them to video footage in Premiere Pro CC.

Innovations like these are driving rapid adoption of the company's video workflows: recent Premiere Pro converts include the four-time Academy Award winning Coen Brothers, who are currently editing their film, Hail, Caesar!; and director Rhys Thomas and producer Lorne Michaels of Saturday Night Live, with Staten Island Summer, due out in. In addition, MLB Network switched their editing and post-production environment to a complete Creative Cloud workflow.

At NAB, Adobe is announcing significant enhancements to Adobe Primetime, which has emerged as the global leader in powering TV content across screens including over-the-top devices such as Apple TV and Roku. Specifically, Adobe is unveiling innovations in video delivery, monetization and personalization to enable new OTT business models for content owners, programmers and pay-TV providers. The company is partnering with service solution providers, including industry pioneer MLBAM, to offer innovative OTT programming for live, linear and video-on-demand services across TVs and screens everywhere. Adobe is working with MLBAM to power live streaming of the Major League Baseball season, providing playback and delivery capabilities for all games. Also, several of MLBAM's sports, news and entertainment partners have introduced the first direct-to-consumer TV apps leveraging Adobe Primetime technologies. Additionally, Turner Broadcasting is using Adobe Primetime for ad insertion on Apple TV and other OTT devices.

Adobe is also previewing a new configuration for Adobe Anywhere, a collaborative workflow platform that enables distributed teams using products such as Premiere Pro CC and Adobe Prelude CC to work together -- utilizing centralized media and shared projects to efficiently shoot, log, edit and finish video productions. Adobe will demonstrate its new solutions at its booth #SL5110, South Hall in the Las Vegas Convention Center April 13 -- 16. Adobe professional video and broadcast tools will also be presented at over 100 partner booths throughout the NAB exhibition.

Unveiling the Next Wave of Innovation in Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe will soon release significant updates to the video tools and technologies that are a key component of Creative Cloud. Key innovations, include:

  • The new Lumetri Color panel in Premiere Pro CC, a color workflow that combines the power of Adobe SpeedGrade CC technologies with Adobe Lightroom's ease-of-use, allows editors to quickly achieve great results for simple color corrections or complex looks.
  • Capture inspiration anywhere with Project "Candy," a new mobile CC Capture app that provides an easy way to capture and share production quality lighting and color schemes by using the camera on a mobile phone and then applying them to a project in Premiere Pro CC.
  • Bring two-dimensional characters to life with the new Character Animator capabilities for Adobe After Effects CC. Adobe Character Animator solves the[!]time-consuming process animators face by eliminating frame-by-frame adjustments. By[!]acting out a character's movement in front of a webcam, Character Animator tracks[!]the movement of the user's head, mouth and eyes and can trigger bodily movements using a keyboard to ensure characters are as lifelike as possible.
  • Immediate access to creative assets with new Creative Profile support in Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC and a growing set of Creative Cloud enabled mobile apps.
  • Adobe Magic made possible by groundbreaking research to make everyday tasks easier and faster with new features such as Morph Cut in Premiere Pro CC that takes out unwanted pauses and jump cuts; Face Tracker in After Effects CC that tracks facial gestures for greater masking accuracy; and Time Tuner in both Premiere Pro CC and Adobe Media Encoder CC, automatically adjusts the duration of your video to a pre-set length while maintaining high quality results.

Advancing TV Delivery and Monetization

More and more consumers are watching live and on-demand TV on tablets, smartphones, OTT and other devices. According to the latest Adobe Digital Index data, 13 million viewers accessed their favorite TV Everywhere content quarterly last year, more than twice as many as in 2013. The growth across OTT devices is even more impressive with the number of viewers watching premium video increasing by 350 percent year over year. To help broadcasters and pay-TV providers scale video delivery across screens with closed captioning, robust content protection and ad insertion instantly across TV apps and operating systems, Adobe is introducing the latest version of Adobe Primetime. The platform is able to authenticate 2.25 million viewers per minute, three times more than just a year ago and deliver dramatic performance improvements with videos launching instantly -- up to four times faster than before. Additionally, Adobe Primetime now supports all major third-party DRM technologies to address the challenge of content protection in closed playback environments.

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