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14 April 2015

Imagine our surprise on walking by this innocently white pickup truck only to find the bed half full of empties. Fernet Branca, Bud Light, Jose Cuervo, Stella Artois, Corona, you name it. And not a shard of broken glass.

But we didn't have a camera. We had a camera, our smartphone, right in our shirt pocket, ready for emergencies. But when we left the house for our daily triathlon constitutional, we noticed a construction street sweeper had sprinkled black debris all over the sidewalk.

The city is repaving the street in two stages. But they're only working on Saturdays to minimize disruption at the school (not having realized there's a Spring Break every year).

When we went back into the house for a broom, we left our phone there so we could have an unrestricted swing at the debris. And then we just neglected to put it back in our pocket.

So what should we do about this photo without a camera? We realized were in danger of passing up a once-in-a-lifetime answer to the eternal question, "Is it half empty or half full?"

We went back to the house, grabbed a camera and hiked back to the truck where we took a variety of shots. All of which would look great coming out of that Epson SureColor P800 announced today. Imagine the detail. You would be able to read every label.

Instead, we're just left with these thumbnails to give you the merest of suggestions.

The suggest only the mystery of this vision, unfortunately. Whatever the story is, we'll never know it. But we don't mind putting our feet up and thinking it over a while.

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