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21 April 2015

George Jardine has posted two videos on Lightroom CC 2015's Develop module. The first focuses on the new HDR and Panorama Merge functions (plus a few other new features) while the second covers the new Filter Brush.

In an email, Jardine said:

These two videos give you a brief overview of the new features in the Lightroom CC Develop module and are entirely free for everyone. As soon as I am back home from Japan, I will add these two videos to my existing Lightroom 5 Develop videos as the video series update. Until then, anyone can view them directly by just clicking the links below.

To watch the two videos, visit the following links:

As Jardine points out, "very little has changed" in Lightroom CC. His Lightroom 5 videos still tell the story. And with these two updates covering Lightroom CC, Jardine thought he'd "save you some money."

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