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22 April 2015

Flashpoint has announced four compact LED lighting solutions, each of which can be mounted on a dSLR hotshoe for both video and still photography. To introduce the new models, the company is discounting them from 20 to 40 percent.

New On-Camera LEDs. FP 300, FP 198, FP 198 VariAngle, FP Reporter.

The new units with introductory discount pricing include:

The units are available now directly from Adorama at the links above. For more information see the news release below.

Flashpoint Introduces Four LED On-Camera Lights to Lineup: On Sale Now!

New on-camera lighting solutions from the award-winning lighting and photography accessories line include the Flashpoint 300 LED, the Flashpoint 198 LED, the Flashpoint 198 LED and the Flashpoint Reporter Super Compact 150 LED, available only at Adorama

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- Flashpoint is bringing the power of LED lighting to dSLR cameras with four new on-camera lighting units: the Flashpoint 300 LED (on-camera light with audio); the Flashpoint 198 LED (bi-color on-camera light); the Flashpoint 198 LED (VariAngle on-camera light); and the Flashpoint Reporter Super Compact 150 LED (on-camera light).

Light enough to go anywhere with enough light to go everywhere, the newest additions to the Flashpoint family are now available at discounted prices online at Adorama's official Web site and at the Adorama superstore at 42 West 18th Street in New York City.

Flashpoint 300 LED: On-Camera Light with Audio: 20 Pct. Off

The large 300 diode LED gives action videographers and still photographers super bright, high-quality output. With auto light levels, stereo microphones and a signal flash mode, the 300 LED can sense lighting requirements and delivers automatic balance exposure as it passes from one environment to another, making it ideal for run-and-gun shooters looking for the most light on demand. The on-board stereo electret condenser microphones are also invaluable for traveling shooters, minimizing the need to cage-rig a camera for attaching an external microphone. The sensitive mics are distanced from camera sounds on either top corner of the light, delivering clean audio directly to the camera. All fitting comfortably atop a camera's hot shoe or off-camera via the convenient stand thread, the 300 LED is a comprehensive package in a superior, sleek design.

Flashpoint 198 LED: Bi Color On-Camera Light: 20 Pct. Off

The 198 LED Bi-Color has the extraordinary ability to dial in exact color temperature to match or compete with its surroundings. The precision color temperature dial easily adjusts between 3200 and 5600K to provide quick solutions for shooters on the go, meeting every ambient environmental challenge possible. It provides visually accurate color temperatures and flicker-free output with no color shift when dimming. When used outdoors, the small, self-contained LED light produces enough light to alleviate deep shadows while blending available light to add modeling to subjects. Super lightweight, the 198 LED Bi-Color fits comfortably on dSLR hot shoes and off-camera via the convenient stand thread. Compatible with just about any capacity industry standard Sony or Panasonic lithium battery cells as well as universally available AA batteries, the 198 LED Bi-Color gives support where and when it is needed the most.

Flashpoint 198 LED: VariAngle On-Camera Light: 40 Pct. Off

The 198 LED VariAngle gives users the ability to focus light for a more precise spread. With a brilliant variable angle beam from a 25-degree spot to a standard 60-degree spread, it offers more versatile power than a normal LED. The unique variable light can deliver illumination beyond the 16 inches achieved with a 60-degree spread because of its light concentration of up to 4470 lumens at 25 degrees. Two additional interchangeable color panels give users instantaneous control between 3200 and 5600K for immediate results. Like its other Flashpoint counterparts, the 198 LED VariAngle is perfect for mobile and location photographers due to its lightweight frame and numerous power options including compatibility with almost any capacity industry standard Sony type lithium battery and universally available AA battery.

Flashpoint Reporter Super Compact 150 LED: On-Camera Light: 29 Pct. Off

Super compact and sleek, the Reporter Super Compact 150 LED is a favorite for short photo and video clip needs and interviews. It is designed to be as portable and mobile as a cellphone and even uses a cellphone charger. Ideal for reporters, bloggers, run-and-gun shooters, foodies and users in need of a backup or emergency light, the Reporter Super Compact 150 LED is perfect for shots on any dSLR or HD camcorder with its 900-lux output. The included removable hotshoe mount with threads makes it easy to use on camera, on a stand or flex-pod or even handheld. It incorporates a generous 60-degree spread and the added benefit of a pocketsize Smartphone footprint with a self-contained rechargeable battery to create a modern day solution for anyone looking to capture the latest story.

Pricing and Availability

All new Flashpoint LED models are available at steeply discounted prices. The Flashpoint 300 LED (on-camera light with audio) is now available for just $79.95 (20 percent off). The Flashpoint 198 LED (bi-color on-camera light) is available for $79.99 (20 percent off). The Flashpoint 198 LED (VariAngle on-camera light) is available for $89.95 (40 percent off). The Flashpoint Reporter Super Compact 150 LED (on-camera light) is available for $49.95 (29 percent off).

For more information on Flashpoint's available LED models or to see the entire Flashpoint lineup, visit

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