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29 April 2015

In Action. Snapseed 2.0 fixed a perspective problem on this shot.

The people have spoken and Google has heard. The Grunge filter will be returning to Snapseed, Google's John Nack announced in a blog post today.

"The team is listening (especially via the user forum) and planning improvements," Nack wrote.

Among the other improvements is "a way to play nicely with apps (e.g. Lightroom) that don’t yet support iOS 8's model for non-destructive editing (see previous post)," he added.

Snapseed 2.0 was a major rewrite of the popular image editing software with significant changes to the interface as well as important new features like the above-mentioned non-destructive editing, tonal contrast and a healing brush.

For the whole story, see Nack's post announcing Snapseed 2.0 with an 38-minute embedded video from KelbyOne featuring Google's Nils Kokemohr.

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