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7 May 2015

LaserSoft Imaging has released a free iOS app to monitor SilverFast as it scans and processes images with JobManager, which is included with SilverFast Ai Studio, HDR (Studio) and Archive Suite.

Using a WiFi connection, the new app can display job progress on an iPhone, iPad or iPod using a preview images and progress bar for each image in the job queue. If you don't have a WiFi connection, a push notification informs you when a job has been completed.

SilverFast JobMonitor -- The iPhone App

This App is an iOS monitor for keeping track of scanning and image processing jobs performed by main application SilverFast 8.5. The App serves as a status monitor for the SilverFast JobManager. The JobMonitor is included with SilverFast Ai Studio, HDR (Studio) and Archive Suite.

For scanning or processing large image files in SilverFast 8.5, the new JobMonitor App will comfortably display the progress of these scans or image optimization jobs on your iPhone, iPad or iPod using a WiFi connection. You will find a preview image and a progress bar for every single image item enlisted on your current job queue. If a WiFi connection is not available, a Push Notification will notify you once your scanner has finished its current job.

The JobMonitor App is available from the App Store for free.

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