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20 May 2015

In a blog post today, Hightail CEO Ranjith Kumaran, co-founder of YouSendIt, announced the beta release of Hightail Spaces, "a new service that aims to solve the problem of creative collaboration."

Offering both free and pro memberships, the service is an attempt "to completely rethink creative collaboration," Kumaran said, "which we define as what happens when creative professionals and stakeholders take a project from concept to completion, via multiple rounds of iteration and feedback."

While the service makes it easy to upload images and configure a secure portfolio, it goes beyond display with tools to collaborate with clients and manage versions of a project.

The free Lite version provides unlimited "spaces" on the service, while the $15/month Pro version adds access codes and versioning to the unlimited spaces.

In addition to browser access to the service, a native Mac OS X application and a forthcoming iOS app also provide access.

For more information see the news release below.

Hightail launches new creative collaboration service

File sharing company targets creative professionals with Hightail Spaces, a new visual way to manage the creative process.

CAMPBELL, Calif. -- Leading file sharing provider Hightail today announced the launch of Hightail Spaces, a new service that solves common creative collaboration problems such as gathering feedback and version control. More than 80 percent of Hightail's users are creative professionals and the new product -- available today as a public beta release -- will help them manage their entire creative process.

With its uniquely visual approach to collecting feedback, adding comments and managing versions, Hightail Spaces will appeal to designers, photographers, video producers, marketers and other creative professionals, as well as the clients, managers and colleagues they work with.

"Hightail Spaces is not just for sharing files," explains the company's CEO, Ranjith Kumaran, "it powers the creative process from concept to completion. We want to help people focus more on creating and not spend so much time on administration, like collecting feedback and managing versions. More creative, less process."

"It's a great way to send proofs of photos to clients and get their comments," adds photographer Gary Lott, who has used Hightail Spaces for the past three months as part of the product's alpha group. "The visual approach to version history lets my clients compare proofs to finals, giving them a greater understanding of the retouching value I provide. Hightail Spaces is a step into the future."

Hightail Spaces is the first major new product launch since Kumaran returned as CEO late last year to the company he co-founded in 2004 (then known as YouSendIt). After serving as an advisor and board member, Kumaran rejoined Hightail as CEO to lead a renewed investment in product development and strategic refocus on the company's core creative audience in industries like media and entertainment, advertising, marketing and design.

"We are perfectly positioned to solve the problems faced by creative professionals. After all, we've been helping them send large files since 2004 and sharing work is the first step of creative collaboration. Hightail Spaces provides tools like contextual commenting and visual versions that go deeper into the creative process. Staying true to what this audience needs means that instead of competing in a horizontal market against huge companies like Amazon, Dropbox and Google, we're opening up a new opportunity in a vertical market. We aim to be the leader in the Creative Collaboration sector and Hightail Spaces is our first step on that journey."

Go to to learn more. Download product screenshots and brand assets here.

About Hightail

Hightail is a cloud file sharing service used by more than 45 million professionals around the world. Founded in 2004 as YouSendIt, the service originally provided a simple way to send large files. Hightail has since expanded into solutions for creative collaboration and its latest release, Hightail Spaces, powers the creative process from concept to completion. Based in Campbell, CA, the company has approximately 100 employees and, in 2014, reported revenues of more than $50 million. Learn more at

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