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21 May 2015

Bryan O'Neil Hughes, Adobe's head of outreach, provided a sneak peek at "some of what we're doing around mobile retouching" in a 2:13 minute video clip released on YouTube today.

The retouching app isn't named but, as our screen shot shows, the toolbar on the top of the screen includes what appears to be a Back button with a Comment button on the left side and Draw, Undo, Share and Expand buttons on the right.

With an image open, the toolbar on the bottom of the screen offers Liquify, Healing, Smooth, Dodge-Burn, Gray-Color, Pain and Adjust tools.

He began his demo with image access of a high-resolution 50.3-megapixel image, which he smoothly enlarged and scrolled around on his iPad screen. He then erased a section and added data from elsewhere on the image to the erased section.

He also showed off the Liquify tool on a 6-Mp image. He warped it, puckered it, twirled it and more in less time than it takes to type this sentence.

Then he used a Paint tool to change color in just part of the image. Finally, he adds a vignette to the image.

And it was all non-destructive.

"Nothing we're ready to release yet," he admits but "I hope you like it."

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