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2 June 2015

Phase One has unveiled "the future of medium format photography" with its XF Camera System. The XF features up to 80-megapixel resolution, 16-bit color, 14-stop dynamic range and up to 60 minute exposures with a lens mount compatible with over 60 lenses.

The OneTouch user interface uses dials, keys and the touch screen to control the camera. The full-frame prism viewfinder can be swapped out for a waist-level finder with light metering.

XF. With waist-level finder and 80mm lens.

Top View. Waist-level finder, 80mm lens.

The Honeybee Autofocus Platform takes advantage of a new custom processor, coupled with a high-resolution CMOS AF sensor. A unique floating-point architecture combines with a fully programmable interface. Hyperfocal Point Focusing sets the ideal hyperfocal point for each lens and can have the XF automatically return to that specific point on demand.

With the introduction of the XF, Phase One released a new version of Capture One PRO for XF, "offering deeper integration, better image quality and faster performance than ever before," the company said.

The full specifications are available in the XF Technical Specifications document.


Phase One also announced pricing for the XF system:

XF camera body, IQ3 digital back, PrismViewfinder and Schneider Kreuznach 80mm LS lens:

  • XF IQ3 80-Mp for $48,990 or €38.990
  • XF IQ3 60-Mp for $41,990 or €33.990
  • XF IQ3 50-Mp for $40,990 or €31.990

Phase One Schneider Kreuznach leaf shutter lenses:

  • 35mm for $6,490 or €5.490
  • 120mm for $6,490 or €5.490


Kevin Raber at Luminous Landscape, who was previously a vice president at Phase One, reviews the XF Camera. It's the XF done right, he says, with "an outstanding lens line up as well as an excellent digital back and the camera body that goes between them."

Honestly, my experience today with the Phase One XF camera today was simply amazing. As the Publisher of Luminous-Landscape, Phase One took their chances inviting Chris Sanderson and I to Phase One head quarters in Denmark. They knew that I would show no favoritism with my views of the new camera and if there was something that didn't quite work, I'd report it fairly. Say and think what you want, what you are about to read and see is this reviewer excited about a new medium format camera that's done right.

Dave Gallagher at Capture Integration listed the Top 15 features of the new Phase One XF/IQ3, unable to confine himself to just 10. He notes:

While I often believe companies under-deliver on product and over-deliver on hype, I am extremely happy to report that this integrated system is just the opposite. I strongly believe that Phase One has no idea what they have on their hands today.

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