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17 June 2015

The other day Nancy brought us a box of chocolates. And therein lies a tale. It's taken us a while to tell it because the Los Angeles chocolatier recommends consuming its hand-made chocolates within two weeks and, well, we never miss a deadline.

Compartes. The chocolates are only half the experience.

You don't just pop these treats (made every day since 1950) into your mouth, though. You have to have a smartphone or tablet handy to fully enjoy them. No, really.

That's because those designs on top are really codes for the fillings. So to find out what's inside each piece (notice they're all different), you have to look up the design on the Compartes Web site.

And that takes time.

Take a look for yourself. Suddenly you're not envying us any more. It looks like work. Detective work. Especially since the designs on the Web site are sometimes just near equivalents. We had a few discussions over the identity of a couple of them.

But mostly we just (gratefully) savored the moment. For two full weeks.

And now, we're enjoying the moment a little longer with our photo. Last week, we spent a couple of coffee breaks implementing live blog technology for Photo Corners (you know, in case some company invites us to a big announcement) and needed an image to test our live photo blogging. So we used this one of the Compartes chocolates -- and really grew to like it.

Whenever we look at it, though, we wonder when we're going to see Nancy again. Maybe we can get her to visit every two weeks. It can't hurt to ask.

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