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29 June 2015

We had a few images we knew would profit from DxO Optics Pro's PRIME noise reduction so we launched the application and sat back with a smile on our face. Until we were greeted with a DxO error message we had never seen before.

"We have detected," the dialog box reported, "that some of your hard drives are configured in a way that is not supported by Optics Pro." It then recommended we contact the DxO support team to find out how to fix the problem.

No, the problem wasn't our hard drives.

We just Googled the error message and found the link to DxO's support page covering the issue.

There we learned it's an OS X issue only.

We also learned that the "configuration" problem is duplicated Unique Identifiers (UUIDs) on our "volumes," which is another way of saying disk drives.

It explains how to list that information using the About This Mac option on the Apple menu and goes on to suggest a couple of remedies.

But wait.

When we listed our Storage drives and looked for the duplicate UUIDs, the UUIDs on our hard drives were all unique, including the partitioned external drives.

No, the problem wasn't our hard drives.

It was a set of disk images for the recent Adobe Creative Cloud updates. Quite a few of them.

The simple solution to the problem is to launch Disk Utility, select each Adobe disk image and click on the Eject button. Poof! Problem gone.

Now, where were we?

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